The BIS curriculum is an international curriculum aligned with the Common Core, the Dominican curriculum and the philosophy of the school. Our program is designed at forming global citizens committed to excellence and the environment through innovation, and the best practices and a practitioner of human values ​​through social contributions.

English is the main language of instruction. At Preschool, only English is taught. In elementary school, from first to fifth grade, we teach in English, Math, Social Studies, Bible, Science, Reading, Phonics, Spelling, Grammar and Writing and Composition. In Spanish we teach Social Sciences and Spanish, according to the national curriculum. In grades 6 to 12, we teach Social Studies, Bible, Science, Reading, Spelling, Grammar, Literature and Writing and Composition plus Mathematics in Spanish.

The subjects in English with their textbooks are handled mostly virtually from the Pearson platform.  All grades have Visual Arts, Music, and Dance as co-curricular activities.

The afternoon program gives students the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge in ballet, painting, karate, dance, and soccer. The BIS student is accompanied and encouraged all the time in order to achieve his maximum academic and psychosocial potential in a healthy and safe environment.

Admission Policies

Admissions Evaluation

  • Admission is granted to a student when the school can meet his/her individual needs.
  • In the admission process we evaluate student’s knowledge, maturity, linguistic proficiency and academic needs.
  • Students will be placed in the corresponding level according to their age, or to the report card from the preceding school. (Ordenanza1’96)
Class Size Policy
  • The student teacher ratio in preschool is 12 to 1 in PK2 and 15 to 1 in PK3, PK4 and PK5. This number may increase to 20.
  • From Grade 1 through 12, the school aims for a target of 20 students per class.


  • BIS does not provide specialized education for severe learning difficulties.
  • English is the main language of instruction in the school and it is expected that students have, or will acquire, a satisfactory standard of English.
  • BIS follows the School Calendar of the Dominican Republic with 42 weeks from mid-August to mid-June, with vacations in December-January (three weeks), April (one week) and June-August (seven weeks). The school also observes local holidays.
  • The students should pass the admission tests (Psychological test, Spanish, Math and English test).
  • The parents will be informed of the results by a written report.
 BIS Criteria for Admissions
  • Families fit the profile preestablished by the school.
  • Students pass the admission exams of English, Math & Spanish.
  • Students pass the psychological test.
  • Families, whose children have no previous or limited knowledge of English and/or Spanish, should commit to have them in tutoring classes in the School, in order to be admitted.

Profile of the BIS family.

  • Demonstrate that you are the first and most influential educator of your child and that the school reinforces that education.
  • Shows affection, respect and solidarity with teachers and school staff.
  • Follow school policies and procedures.
  • Supports the school to achieve the objectives described in the curriculum.
  • Supports your child’s education by actively participating in school activities.
  • Enforces the values, manners and ethics of their children in their home.
  • Shows concern for the feelings of their children, showing love, tolerance and loyalty.
  • Meet the friends of your children and participate in their activities.
  • Create rules aligned with school rules.

Required documents for registration:

  • Birth certificate, original if Dominican and photocopy if foreign.
  • Copy of the identification card of the parents.
  • 2 passport size photos.
  • Application for registration.
  • Last report of grades.
  • Report of vaccines.
  • Balance Letter from the previous school.

Images from our first day of school. Grateful to our over 150 new pupils, their parents and our teaching and school staff.

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