Bavaro Innovation School, Profesora Elsa Brito de Dominguez, opened on August 29th, 2018. This school is especially dedicated to Mrs. Elsa Brito de Dominguez, educator, poet, essayist and promoter of culture, from Tamboril, in Santiago de los Caballeros.


Bavaro Innovation School offers a modern education of international quality in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Our purpose is to provide a bilingual education in a learning environment of discipline, respect and innovation encouraging our students to reach their maximum academic and personal potential, while becoming global citizens. This private school offers an international curriculum where innovation and technology are elements of first attention, guiding students to appreciate cultural diversity, mutual respect, creativity, empowerment, concern for our environment, and incorporating in their lives the joy of learning.

Our school strengthens, in addition to academic skills, arts and sports, areas of great importance for the development of a healthy body and mind. The school offers the option of extended session with an extensive program of sports, recreational and academic activities.


This is the first school in the Dominican Republic made out of containers with which it becomes an "eco-friendly" infrastructure. An elaborate construction of a recyclable element harmless to the environment than traditional construction. In the interiors of the spaces, there is a commitment to generate awareness and motivate the student to take care of nature and its environment.


Bavaro Innovation School (BIS) offers the levels of Preschool, Primary and Secondary.   We deliver a curriculum in English plus the subjects of Spanish and Social Sciences according to the national curriculum.

BIS believes in the concept of integral education of a more innovative global citizen for the future generations.